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Getting from Korcula to Lastovo


The distance from Korcula Island to Lastovo is about 19 nautical miles (about 36 km). There are four direct ferry connections to Lastovo from Korcula, three of them for foot passengers and one for cars. The direct car ferry to Lastovo sails from the Vela Luka ferry port. The alternatives are bus, taxi or water taxi. Here are the best travel options:

Departing from Korcula
Departing from Korcula

Foot passengers:

If you are a foot passenger, your best option is to take the fast catamaran ferry line 9808 which runs all year round and connects daily Korcula Town and Lastovo. The journey lasts 1 hour and 15 minutes. It is 9808 TP Line’s ferry crossing, departing from Korcula Town daily at 15:15 (or 16:50) and arriving in Lastovo (Ubli port) at 16:30 (or 18:05), depending on the season.

The alternative for July & August is the 9807 line on Mondays and Fridays, departing from Korcula Town at 10:45, and arriving in Lastovo (Ubli) at 11:55.

If you are based closer to Vela Luka, get another fast ferry, 9604 run by Jadrolinija, that serves from there to the island. It departs daily at 16:10 (or 17:30) arriving in Lastovo (Ubli) at 17:05 (or 18:25) depending on the season.

Fast catamaran ferries run these routes. Book your tickets online here and here.

The alternative is to use the car ferry route via Vela Luka – see details below.

Views from fast ferry catamaran Korcula to Lastovo
Views from fast ferry catamaran Korcula to Lastovo

If you are based away from Vele Luka and do not have a car, you can get by bus to Vela Luka and get on the ferry to the island from there as described above. Get your bus tickets at

By Car:

There is one direct car ferry from Korcula island (Vela Luka) to Lastovo. If you are traveling by car your best option is to drive to Vela Luka and get to Lastovo from there. The total journey time is about 2.5 hours as it involves a 45 km drive (from Korcula Town) and one ferry crossing (1 hrs 30 min). You can book ferry tickets at Jadrolinija’s site on the above’s link.

ImportantIn the case of bad weather, when fast passenger catamaran ferries do not operate, the car ferry option via Vela Luka is the best and most reliable alternative. Check for details.

Car Ferry departing Vela Luka to Lastovo
Car Ferry departing Vela Luka to Lastovo

Korcula to Lastovo Map:

On the above map, you can see two travel routes, one that goes directly from Korcula Town by fast catamaran ferry to Lastovo and another one that involves driving to Vela Luka and crossing from there to the island.

Private transfers:

You can consider taking a taxi to Vela Luka to get onto the ferry to Lastovo. Private boat transfers are also an option, they offer fast transfers to Lastovo. The transfer lasts for about 1 hour and 15 minutes from Korcula town. If you decide on this option, consider the weather forecast and possible bad weather when water taxis are not operating. Ferry, bus, and car ferry options are more reliable.

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