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Skrivena Luka


Skrivena Luka means Hidden bay. It is a village and small bay on the southern coast of the island of Lastovo. The bay is also known as “Portorus”. This bay is so secluded that it is not possible to see it from the open seas.

The cape Struga, which forms the eastern part of Skrivena Luka has a lighthouse that is built here in 1839 and is one of the oldest lighthouses on the Adriatic Sea. This lighthouse is available for holiday lets. Another lighthouse in the vicinity is on Palagruza island which is also available for holiday lets.


The bay itself is a good place to anchor, as it is well secluded and sheltered from the open sea and strong winds.


The bay has its own camping place Camp Skriveni, which is located in the olive grove overlooking the bay.


Getting to Skrivena Luka:

There is a local daily bus service that directly connects Lastovo village and Skrivena – see current timetables here. From there, you can take another bus to Ubli, which is the island’s main ferry port. The distance from Skrivena Luka to Lastovo village is 7 kilometers and from ferry port Ubli 17 kilometers.

Accommodations in Skrivena Luka – Lastovo


Map of Skrivena Luka – Lastovo:

Map of Skrivena Luka bay - Lastovo island

GPS location coordinates: 42.736932 , 16.887784


Location of Skrivena Luka on Lastovo Island

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