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Lastovo Accommodations


lastovo coastLastovo is a small Island with only few urbanised places. Therefore the accommodation options in Lastovo are as not as diverse as at some other Croatian Islands.

Majority of Lastovo accommodations can be summarised within privately owned rooms and apartments. Renting rooms and apartments to tourists and travellers has become recently very important source of additional income for this isolated community, which traditional occupations include fishing and wine industry.

In last few years, Lastovo has become better connected with Croatian Mainland, so more people are visiting it especially during the spring and summer, so locals are very keen to offer at their homes rooms and apartments for holiday rent.

Also, there is at least one camping place at Lastovo – Camping Skriveni in Skrivena Luka.

Lastovo Hotel Accommodations

Zaklopatica hotels:

Pasadur accommodations:

Skrivena Luka (Portorus) Apartments:

At this pages you will find some accommodation information, but for further help about this, please contact

Lastovo Tourist Board (Turisticka Zajednica Lastovo) at : tel: +385 20 80 51 60, fax: +385 20 80 51 60

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