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Uska – Lastovo


Uska bay on Lastovo Island

USKA bay on Lastovo Island –  a lovely long and narrow bay and safe haven on the southern shores of the island, on about 20 minutes walk from Skrivena Luka and Skriveni camping ground.

A hidden swimming spot mostly used by passing by sailors and camping crowd from nearby camp site. The bay features small pebble beach at its very top.  Safe haven for sailing boats. The beach is suitable for families with small children too. There is some shade in the bay provided by surrounding vegetation.

Access by car or taxi and than walk for about 15 minutes. No public transport. Direct access by boat only.

Accommodations in Uska – Lastovo


Map of Uska – Lastovo:

Map of Uska bay - Lastovo island

GPS location coordinates: 42.73750, 16.87943

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