Zaklopatica Lastovo – a small bay on the northern part of Lastovo coastline. One of the Lastovo best kept secrets, this lovely bay is sheltered by small islet located on the northern shores of the Island facing Korcula.

The bay is encircled by a row of villas and houses that offers selection of comfortable accommodations. A popular safe haven for passing by sailors, the bay features couple of restaurants, konoba and cafes.

One of the most picturesque bays in Lastovo, it is connected by asphalted road from Ubli (the Islands main ferry port) and Lastovo village. The bay is easy to reach by car, taxi or bus. (see this cute photo of hawk above Zaklopatica)


Accommodations in Zaklopatica


Map of Zaklopatica:

Map of Zaklopatica - Lastovo island

GPS location coordinates: 42.771754, 16.875120


Location of the bay on Lastovo Island