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About Lastovo Island


Lastovo is a small island (Italian: Lagosta) in the Adriatic Sea in Croatia located south of Korcula Island. The island has an area of only 46 square kilometers and a population of just under 1300 people. An additional area of 56 square kilometers includes the Lastovo Archipelago which consists of 46 additional small islands dotted around the Lastovo coast. The highest peak on Lastovo is the hill Hum with an altitude of 417 meters. The island of Lastovo is becoming more popular among travelers as this island is one of the last untouched areas of the Mediterranean. Because of its preserved natural beauty, Lastovo became the Nature Park of Croatia in 2006. The island is connected with the Croatian mainland by daily ferries and catamaran.

Tourist Board Lastovo Ubli
20290 Lastovo
tel: +385 20 80 51 60
fax: +385 20 80 51 60

Lastovo Island • Wild coastline • Sublime panoramic views • One of the Mediterranean’s last paradises

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