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Beaches on Lastovo


beach velo lagoLastovo coastline is very diverse so the island offers nice and clean rocky, gravel and sandy beaches that are dotted along its coast as well as along its archipelago.

The island  has several deep bays on the island:  Zaklopatica bay, Skrivena Luka bay, Velo and Malo Lago bays (left  image)  and Uska … Each of these bays offer nice little pebble / shingle beaches to enjoy.

Some of them has pine trees that offers welcoming shade at hot summer’s days.

At Lastovo Archipelago, the most popular is the island of Saplun which is well known for it’s sandy beaches along its shorelines. This island is well visited by sailing holiday makers too.

Other popular swimming spots include bays: Pasadur,  Mihajla and Lucica which are the nearest seashore and piers to Lastovo village.

Barje  as well as Zace are a lovely remote swimming spots with great views over Archipelago.

Click to see location map of all these beaches, bays and swimming spots.


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